From my store, you can purchase and download knitting patterns in various formats for reading on computers, ebook readers, tablets or smartphones. When you purchase a pattern, you get access to all file formats the pattern is available in.

Currently the following formats are supported:

Pdf (Windows, Linux, Mac computers)
EPUB (works with most eBook readers and on a large range of OS),
MOBI (Kindle, MOBI is also supported by many smartphones)

All of my patterns are available in pdf-format, and can be read on most common platforms like windows and mac. However, I am using my Kindle and my Android phone intensively when I knit – they are so nice and portable, so I hardly never print a pattern anymore. I have found it useful to convert the patterns into suitable eReader formats in order to improve the readability of the patters. I have therefor condensed the patterns a bit to better fit into the eReader formats, and the patterns contain fewer images and graphics, but all needed information, instructions and charts have been retained.  The eReader format patterns contain links to the pattern homepage with sizing information, schematics etc., information already included in the pdf versions.

Some of my patterns are interactive, in the sense, that estimations are made “on the fly” based on size and gauge filled in by the knitter. They are thus fully customizable. These patterns are for the time being only available in pdf formats, but  I have smartphone app versions on my to do list. The interactive patterns have been tested on a large range of platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) with a number of pdf-readers. On Mac, Adobe reader is needed.


I have all my patterns in pdf-format available on Ravelry.