Kite at the Charles

We love flying kites – who doesn’t? This shawl was inspired by the fun hours we had at the Charles River in Boston flying our first kite. For some reason the sky was always blue and we could go on for for ever and ever. I have made the pattern fully customizable so you can use any yarn and decide the size of the shawl. Use the interactive pattern to estimate the number of sts etc depending on your gauge, desired size of shawl or the yarn you have. The center of the shawl is worked in stockinette stitch and the top and sides are worked in garter stitch to emphasis the contrasts in the shawl colors as well as stitch pattern. It is easy to substitute with other stitch patterns as long as gauge is measured accurately. The interactive pattern ensures that your different blocks will match perfectly, and your shawl will lay nice and flat. I have used a nice hand dyed fingering weight yarn and a relatively dense gauge to give the right drape and ensure focus on the colors. The shawl would be beautiful worked in one color also. You can use the pattern with any weight of yarn and any gauge, and you decide the size of the final shawl. Fill in your gauge and information on page two of the pattern, and you are good to go. Save the pdffile or print it for future reference.

Formats: This is an interactive pdf pattern, only a pdf version is available at this time. I am working on an app for Android, but it hasn’t got my highest priority.

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